Creating life-size sculptures in glass is technically very difficult but the result is stunning when you incorporate lightsThe glass we use was destined for the we feel this option of turning them into sculptures is far better environmentally friendly option

Glass Sculptures for sale...

Glass sculptures will be sold as limited series...maximum of 25 per mould...price will increase by 20% once the first 5 sculptures are sold and price will rise again once 10, 15, 20 are sold.

This is to reward VIP’s clients, that are given the first opportunity to purchase our latest sculptures...

For more info, price, sizing and payment options...make contact with us here

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Brent & Shirley Cairns   65a Cass Street   Kaiapoi  North Canterbury  ph/Fax (03) 327-0066   Email us here

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Glass sculptures slump glass, recycled glass

If you would like pricing details on any of the sculptures above email us

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